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You did it! Your first Brew U milestone. They say the first year of school is the hardest, but the great thing about our school is we just drink beer, which isn’t hard at all. You have nowhere to go but up from here. 



Soft, stylish, and totally free because you drank 10 beers. Who does that?


You’re getting the hang of this. Congrats on 25 unique beers. We’re sure your parents are proud of your hard work. Have a beer to celebrate.


Party Cup

Like your favorite red cups from college but sturdy enough for whatever you want to put in it. Makes for a much more challenging round of flip cup.


You’ve made it to Junior year! That Bachelor’s degree is getting closer and closer and you don’t want your GPA to start slipping now. Settle into your major (we suggest “Beer Consumption”), put your head down, and get serious.



Your choice of transparent or blue bag to carry all your game day needs or favorite drinking accessories.


Ah, Senior year. You’ve put in some hard work these last few levels and it’s no time to let up now. Finish it out strong and get that Bachelor’s to make sure it all pays off.



Helps maintain privacy as an up and coming beer drinking celebrity. People might start asking for selfies or your signature on cans. 


You’re officially a degree holding beer drinker! You now not only have some serious bragging rights at the bar, but the chance to earn extra rewards dollars on 20oz pours. Woohoo! We’re firm believers in continuing education around here, so don’t stop now. There’s even more great rewards ahead.


Rucksack Cooler Bag

+ Reward dollars on 20oz purchases

Comfortably holds 2 six packs, a gallon growler, or 4 750ml bottles. Do people put things in bags other than beer?


You’ve got a nice academic career going on! Your Master’s degree puts you among the elites. But, there’s still plenty more to learn. Don’t stop now, you intrepid drinker.



Keep it cozy at the bar with your choice of a pullover or zip-up hoodie


Being a Master of beer just wasn’t enough for you, huh? Well, hello Doctor! You might not be able to perform surgery, but you sure can drink beer. Disclaimer: if you’re on a plane and there’s an urgent need for a doctor, please stay in your seat.


Yeti Rambler

This super high quality Yeti rambler keeps your coffee hot, beer cold, and cookout cred high. 


Time to get some tweed blazers and maybe take up smoking a pipe because you’re a Professor! You’ve learned a lot and now it’s time to give some of that knowledge back. Maybe give some tips to the next Freshman you meet at the bar. You were there once, too.



Good beer and good music go hand in hand. Pump the tunes with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker while you crack cans and rack up credits.


Just like James and Mr. Martin, you’re a Dean! The people respect you, the bartenders love you, and the undergrads want to be you. Bask in all the fame and adoration. 



Travel the world or mule cans from your local brewery with this primo duffle bag. It’s a North Face so you’re officially outdoorsy now.


You’ve hit a lot of milestones already, but this one is BIG. You got a comma! 4 figure beer drinking, baby. Chancellors are held in high regard around here. Not only do you get the title, but you’ll now gain extra rewards dollars on your account when you order 23oz pours! All this hard (ha) work is really paying off.



+ $100 cash bonus at 1500 credits

The official game for those who prefer athletic activities with a beer in one hand. Throw some bags and make your friends jealous with this custom cornhole set.

Double Chancellor

Once wasn’t enough so gosh dang it you did it again. You’ve drank your way into the 21st century and that’s to be celebrated. If only there was a beverage you could pour with your friends, clink glasses, and commemorate this moment 🤔


Eno Hammocks

+ $200 cash bonus at 2500 credits

Enjoy a pair of hammocks ideal for outside beer-ing with your favorite person. The peak of leisure drinking.

Triple Chancellor

You’re on a real roll, pal. 3000 unique beers. That’s a different beer every day for 8.2 years. How long did it take you? Whether it was a year or a decade, we’re proud of you.


Great American Beer Festival

+ $300 cash bonus at 3500 credits

You’re going to Colorado! Triple Chancellors get to join us on our annual pilgrimage to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Make sure you order a few beers on the plane to start acclimating to the altitude.

Diamond Chancellor

Much like a barrel-aged barleywine, you’re getting better with age. Welcome to Diamond status. It’s like hitting a prestigious milestone in a frequent flyer program, except instead of flying you drank a lot of beer and stayed on the ground (most of the time).


Yeti Cooler

+ $400 cash bonus at 4500 credits

*slaps top of cooler* You can fit so many bottles in this bad boy.

Beer God

You’ve done it. You moved from a mere student, to teacher, to deity. We bow in the presence of greatness.



+ $100 cash bonus at 5500 credits

You’re going to Oktoberfest! No, not the one in Helen. The real one in GERMANY! Get your lederhosen ready and fit in some upper body workouts. Those steins get heavy. Prost!

Gold Beer God

Apparently god status isn’t enough and you just won’t quit. We love it. We’d say pace yourself, but who are we kidding? There’s still too many beers left to slow down.



+ $200 cash bonus at 6500 credits

Since you’re spending so much time on the app, we figured you’d need an upgrade to a shiny new iPad with a custom Brewniversity sleeve.

Platinum Beer God

You’re doing great. How’s everything? Staying hydrated between beers? Don’t forget to start a good hot wing base before you get too many beers in. We wouldn’t want you to lose stamina.


The Boston Beer Company: Rotating Brewery Experience

+ $300 cash bonus at 7500 credits

You’ve been to Colorado and Germany, time to explore  the East coast with a rotating Boston Beer Company experience featuring Sam Adams, Dogfish Head, or Angry Orchard. You’ll get to experience one of these breweries with a bunch of your fellow beer connoisseurs. Wicked.

Diamond Beer God

Good gracious. 8000 beers. That’s a different beer every day for over 21 years, which makes your Brewniversity account of legal drinking age. Or something like that. We dunno it’s just a whole heck of a lot of beer.



+ $400 cash bonus at 8500 credits
+ $500 cash bonus at 9500 credits

Since you obviously have no limits to your beer drinking abilities, keep it rolling at home with your very own kegerator!

Beer Guru

Welcome to the illustrious five figure club. 10,000 BEERS. That’s insane. You’ve had it all from domestic watery cheap stuff to 14% stout bombs and everything in between. Is there anything left? Can you even add more? 

Well, you did it. Drink some water and take a break. Then you can open a new account and start all over again. Cheers to you!


Big Green Egg

Since you’ve had pretty much every beer out there, why not start a new hobby and smoke some meat on your new Big Green Egg? Meat Guru status may be in your future. 

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*Free dessert of your choice valid during your birthday month. In-restaurant only. Valid for the entire month. One-time use only per Brewniversity member. Member is required to provide server with app check-in code or name to use Brewniversity account and associated rewards on each visit. Member must be opted into marketing communication to receive offer rules and details.